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Scottish Clans - a tartan and history survey

This section of MysteriousScotland.com is dedicated to all the Clans of Scotland and their proud members who are scattered across the whole world.

First of all I cordially invite all clans to participate in this clan news page by joining for free because it would be senseless to create a clan news page without participating clans ...
So if you are a clan member or even the chieftain of your clan just send me an email containing your name, the name of your clan, your tartan and your wish to join this worldwide confederation in the name of your clan. Once you are approved I´ll create a website just for your clan and publish all news of your clan you send me by email within a week at the latest.

Participating clans in alphabetical order:
(please click on the appropriate tartan to access a special clan news area!)

Clan Cunningham    Clan Leslie    Gordon Highlanders Austria   

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